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SoarMart B2B Marketplace to Connect more Sellers and Buyers

B2B Marketplace

A B2B marketplace is an e-Commerce platform that brings together B2B buyers and sellers and enables them to do business in one place online. On this platform, like B2C platform, sellers sell their products (usually in bulk with B2B) and other value-added services, but on a B2B marketplace, the sellers are brands, manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers, and the customers are other businesses. These transactions are done online by the marketplace operator.

On other words, a B2B Marketplace is a digital platform that enables companies to connect with other organizations and conduct business all in one place. Like a traditional B2C platform, B2B Marketplaces are where companies buy and sell products, but usually in bulk. However, the main difference between them is that the buyers and sellers in a B2B Marketplace are brands, manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, and other businesses, whereas, in a B2C platform, individual consumers are the main buyers.

Depending on the different natures of B2B selling, a B2B marketplace can also be called other names, including B2B procurement or sourcing website, a B2B trading platform, multi-vendor marketplace, B2B portal, and B2B directory, and many more.

Features of a B2B Marketplace

There are many features and functions to a B2B Marketplace. But, the most successful B2B platforms are that they understand the competitive advantage they provide and lean on their digital tools to maintain it.

Multi-vendor capabilities

Multi-vendor capabilities

A B2B Marketplace is that it allows organizations to control their page and information. Organizations should have access to manage their profile, pricing pages, content information, role management, and contact details.

Self-service functions

Self-service functions

It’s often the case that individuals prefer to place orders themselves rather than deal with customer service representatives. B2B Marketplaces have features that enable this self-service model if companies choose to do so.

Security functions

Security functions

Data security and confidentiality are essential for organization to feel comfortable and secure using the platform. B2B Marketplace emphasizes on the security of personal information you provide so that you don’t need to worry about data breaches.

Search navigation ​

Search navigation

B2B Marketplace has the ability to filter and search for specific businesses and vendors. The right marketplace for you has easy-to-use search functions that enable you to quickly filter sellers by price, brand, range, and products availability.

Flexible workflows ​

Flexible workflows

Sellers and buyers need to be able to rely on a flexible and customizable platform that allows them to personalize onboarding strategies, change order submission and processing practices, and replenish supplies when necessary.

Integration options ​

Integration options

A B2B Marketplace with tools and functions collaborate you with the other software solutions your organization uses. This leads to a more streamlined process and a better experience for both seller and buyer.

Benefits of a B2B Marketplace Platform

Ease for Use ​

Ease for Use

B2B Marketplace makes it easier than ever for organizations to connect with other companies and conducts business.

Higher Profits​

Higher Profits

Usually, B2B Marketplace businesses sell their products at a wholesale price, incentivizing wholesale orders.

Better of Security ​​

Better of Security ​

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Better of Security ​​

Greater Market Potential ​

B2B allows companies to quickly and easily target a large number of sellers and buyers across a various industries.

Why Choose SoarMart for Your B2B Marketplace?

Multi Organization Capabilities​

Multi Organization Capabilities

SoarMart B2B marketplace platform is built with enterprise-grade flexibility in mind. Easily scale up to accommodate new suppliers, customers and products data without affecting marketplace performance.

Customizable and Flexible

Customizable and Flexible

B2B marketplace conforms to how you want to build and manage your multi-vendor marketplace. This marketplace platform never asks you to change how you do business to fit the software. Open-source software is completely customizable – so you can accommodate new markets or respond to changes in customer demand.

Built for B2B​

Built for B2B

Based on the same robust architecture as B2B eCommerce platform, Marketplace simplifies the complexities of B2B selling. Gain the flexibility to configure inventory management, order data, and separate seller accounts with multiple permission levels.

Easy Integration​

Easy Integration

Streamline your processes integrating with multiple systems and businesses. Readily available APIs allow 2-way instantaneous data sync between your B2B marketplace solution. B2B marketplaces and support your buyers’ front-end experiences or connect via our APIs to any CMS of your choice.

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